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TeleAce (S) Pte Ltd Azure Stack HCI | Blog

What is Azure Stack HCI?

Azure Stack HCI is a hyperconverged windows Server 2019 cluster that uses validated hardware to run virtualized workloads on-premises.

Why Azure Stack HCI?

–  Its a most affordable solution. Just server hardware and cabling, and no network equipment needed.

– Its a great Simple design to get started. It delivers high performance with reliability and still be able to scale when required, with some configuration changes.

–  Windows server management with Windows Admins Center Experience makes simple and easiest design for server admins..


The best of Azure Stack HCI


Windows based HCI Platform

– Software defined high-availability hyper-converged storage which can deliver high performance, easy to manage and scalability.

– Industry standard Hardware

– In place hardware and software upgrades


Increased Scale

–  Storage pools up to 4PB

– Support nodes with 400GB+ of local storage

– Connect multiple clusters

– Faster SDN gateways

– Significantly improved VPN performance


Delivering business solutions and value

– Storage class memory

– Improved data read caching

– Faster MAP volume throughput

– Encrypted SDN subnets

– Linux support for shielded VMs


Easy to Manage direct Azure integration

– Windows Admin Centre – Graphical management

– Improved node maintenance and recovery

– Direct connection to Azure services


Native Persistent memory support

– Azure Stack HCI uses Intel Optane Persistent Memory as its cache to give us more than 13 million iops in a 12-node configuration


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