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TeleAce (S) Pte Ltd Capabilities of Azure Stack HCI | Blog

Capabilities of Azure Stack HCI


1. Switchless-Nodes


2. JBOD-attached

–   Azure Stack HCI supports adding JBODs to each node to expand just the storage.


3. Infinite Scaling

–   Can have cluster of clusters with cluster sets


4. SAN or SAN-less


5. Native persistent memory support

–  Azure Stack HCI uses Intel Optane Persistent Memory as its cache to give us more than 13 million iops in a 12-node configuration.


6. Windows Admin Center Integration with XClarity


7. World class security with Shielded VMs Windows, Windows Server and Linux


8. Everything Software Defined

–   Software Defined Compute

–   Storage Spaces Direct

–   Software Defined Networking


9. Built-in FREE HA and DR

–   Quick Migration

–   Live Migration

–   Shared Nothing Live Migration

–   Storage Live Migration

–   Hyper-V Replica

–   Storage Replica


10. Best simplest 2-node design

–   Switchless

–   USB witness

–   Nested resiliencies

–   RDMA

–   Most flexible with persistent memory, all flash and hybrid


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