TeleAce is a one-stop-shop that offers IT maintenance and services for organizations seeking turn-key solutions and best practices in ICT systems and infrastructure, aiming to achieve overall performance improvement, growth and operational excellence

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Proudly, we are a value-added Systems Integrator in Singapore with many years of experience, having serviced several of the largest organizations, and the delivery of complex projects by our highly skilled team.
Our focus is  to enable us to continuously provide state-of-the-art services and products to our customers.
We strive to deliver more efficient and relevant quality services and solutions tailored to the increasingly complex demands of organizations, in order to boost the  productivity of operations and maximize value for our customers. We incorporate technology that provides a real advantage to a business. The most powerful connection that a business can make is through all its stakeholders. TeleAce binds together business and technology.

TeleAce provides solutions that enable businesses and empower our customers with the following:

» Enable you to focus on your business by providing a practical IT solution by creating an environment for success.


» Minimize risk of data loss, downtime, and security threats and provide redundancy at the same time, by ensuring your business operations continue through virtualization and automation.


» Offer a wide variety of services from planning, designing, and implementing, to optimizing, operating, and maintaining solutions.

Our Services

Azure Stack HCI

Replace aging infrastructure with Azure-inspired hyperconverged solutions to run the virtualized workloads onpremises

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Cloud Solutions

Cloud provides the speed you need to become a digital business. TeleAce helps you achieve this faster and with less risk.

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Backup Solutions

ExaGrid supports a wide variety of backup applications, utilities, and database dumps

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Digital Transformation

TeleAce deploys Deskera’s fully integrated business management software which helps organization accelerate business growth by streamlining operations, allowing organizations to increase productivity, improve cash flow and connect from anywhere.

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Data Analytics & A.I

With existing Data, Machine can make Decision nowadays. Banks utilize our data to automate credit cards approval and credit limits within an hour! 

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