In times when data security is treated, cloud backup storage is a common ground for solution. A kind of IT disaster recovery services like cloud database backup that is cost-efficient and cost-effectiveis becoming a major demand in the industry.  TeleAce presents NAKIVO's fast and intelligent replication and recovery backup solution.

NAKIVO Protects Your Business Data and Applications 

An integrated approach to data protection, ensuring that your critical data and applications can be recovered.
  • Ensure that your VMs, applications and data are recoverable within minutes in any data loss scenario.

  •  Use NAKIVO Backup & Replication to backup physical servers to a variety of destinations and maintain consistent copies of your app data ready for recovery as soon as you need it.

  • Ensure high-end protection for virtual, cloud, and physical workloads, including those running on Windows PCs.




Industry-Leading Features

  • Multi-platform support for virtual, physical, cloud, SaaS, NAS.

  • Flexible installation options.

  • Backup tiering to cloud and tape.

  • Instant granular and full recovery.

  • Disaster recovery automation

  • ITmonitoring

Superior Technical Support

  • Focused on customer satisfaction and outstanding user experience.

  • Ready to assist 24/7 geo-restriction.

  • Support available right in the solution interface.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Cloud storage is like an external drive in an offsite location which can be accessed via internet.

Its a backup software which backup user’s files, applications, virtual machines and servers to cloud storage.

It depends on how good the cloud service you are using. And how critical is the data you are storing. you may need to rely on two different cloud services.

DRaaS is a third-party service that moves an organization’s resources to its cloud infrastructure in the event of a disaster. This enables to quick recover of critical data and applications.

Set up a virtualized environment identical to the customers IT environment. Replicate the data from the live environment. Move all the user access to the third-party host during a disaster. Fail back from the third-party host’s environment and ensure continuous protection is re-instated.

What is disaster recovery plan in information technology?

Its a set of tools, policies and procedures to enable the recovery of vital technology infrastructure and systems following a disaster.


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