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Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

2FA solutions are popular amongst business that have a user database and require their users or clients to log into their website.


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Teleace provides cost-effective 2FA solutions including installation and configuration of the following SafeNet products and services

SAC Clients


EID software


EID certificate




Hard tokens, etokens, SafeNet 5110+


EIDauthenticate Enterprise


OTP policies


NPS Radius settings


Integration of Cisco VPN with SAS Radius


UAT and knowledge transfer


Frequently asked questions

An additional layer of security which confirms the user's identity to prevent unauthorized access to the system, using a stolen password.

Using 2FA makes it harder for an attacker to access data which they are not authorized to. Using 2FA such as an app or SMS means that an attacker will not be able to access the data since they cannot authenticate their identity.

  • security tokens

  • mobile delivered token 

  • time based one-time password

It prevents more than 96% of the bulk of phishing attempts and more than 76% of targeted attacks.

  • something you know (password, PIN, combinations, code word)

  • something you have (smart card, token, key, smart phones)

  • something you are (finger print, facial recognition, iris, and retina scan)

Yes. In today's time where cyber atacks are proliferating, 2FA adds an additional layer of security as even the most secured password are not impervious to being compromised by an attacker.

What is Identity and Acess Mangagement?

Processes, policies and products to manage user identities adn regulate user access in an organization.

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