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IT Disaster recovery

With today’s Covid-19 situation, many customers are in business continuity mode and yet need a highly reliable way to continue working. So you have Hyper-V Replica. It is an asynchronous, virtual machines replication technology that is designed for business continuity and disaster recovery.

DR with Hyper-V Replica


Are you Using Hyper-V as your Hypervisor? blessed are you because Hyper-V since 2012 R2 have had possibly the best disaster recovery capability built-in at no additional cost. It is called Hyper-V Replica.

It allows you to replicate as many VMs from production site to DR site and even thereon to a 2nd DR site. In addition, you have 3 RPOs to choose from which are 30 seconds, 5 mins and 15 mins.

To Mitigate a rack failure:

Replicate the VMs from one rack to another using the 30 seconds RPO.

To Mitigate the site failure:

Replicate from this to another physical location using either the 5 minute or 15 minutes RPO.

The choice of 5 or 15 minutes RPO is entirely up to you. However, you cannot use 30 seconds because the 1st replication is already using it.

Hyper-V Replica works with


Any Server Vendor

Any Network Vendor

Any Storage Vendor

Also unlimited replication is available out of the box

Some people are initially confused about when to use Hyper-V Replica and when to use Hyper-
V live migration. Hyper-V Replica keeps up-to-date copies of your virtual machines in case of a
disaster, and allows you to switch to those copies when required. This is usually an unplanned
event.However, Hyper-V live migration is about planned events—
moving your virtual machines and their associated storage across different locations when

Hyper-V Replica provides virtual machine replication for any of your servers, networks, or storage vendors. It does not require a failover cluster or any shared storage. You can replicate individual or multiple virtual machines.
You can replicate your virtual machines from one computer running Hyper-V at a primary site (the primary server) to another computer running Hyper-V at a Replica site (the Replica server). Keep in mind that your Replica server can accept incoming replication traffic from one or more primary servers.

Hyper-V Replica Benefits

1. Hyper-V Replica allows you, in the event of a failure at a primary site (for example, fire, power outage, or server failure), to fail over your production workloads to Replica servers at a secondary location with minimal downtime.


2. Configurations for the Hyper-V Replica server and storage hardware at each site do not have to be identical. Domain membership is also not required.


3. Hyper-V Replica provides the option to restore virtualized workloads to a point in time, depending on the recovery history selections for the virtual machine.


4. Hyper-V Replica provides the necessary management APIs that enable IT management vendors to build an enterprise disaster recovery solution for their customers.


5. Hyper-V Replica enables Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for hosting providers that host dedicated virtual servers for their customers.