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IT Maintenance


IT support and maintenance preserves the core of a company to avoid unexpected failures which could cause a huge catastrophes, organization inoperable, and prevent IT budgets which could become unpredictable. We provide routine IT maintenance to ensure the health of the organization.

“A healthy Organization needs a regular Maintenance”

As an IT Support and IT Maintenance company in Singapore, TeleAce makes sure your hardware and software remains Secure, stable and operates effectively to increase the productivity. TeleAce performs preventive maintenance, regular health-checks and actively monitor the components to ensures the smooth running of your IT infrastructure without worrying of any downtime or failure or major breakdowns.

What We do for you


TeleAce offers exceptional IT support and maintenance services in Singapore for businesses and other organizations to attain advantage and maximize operational efficiency and performance through robust IT implementation. Our method of implementation is centered for versatility and flexible systems for sophisticated IT infrastructure. Making possible for businesses to have a competitive level of systems that are capable of high-performance  management, better integration, optimized productivity and better sustainability.


TeleAce has a proven track record of providing good qualities of IT Support in Singapore to corporate and SME customers. our well trained and certified team of engineers are capable of answer any technical queries, detect and solve technical problems , installing and updating required hardware and software and recommending computer product or equipment to improve company productivity.

we are available around the clock to deliver a best IT support through remote support and onsite support. 

Service Desk


A single of point of contact for all issues or questions related to information Services and computing our customers might face.

Preventive Maintenance


Monitor and patch the entire IT infrastructure proactively to prevent security threats, failures and downtimes.

Backup & Disaster Recovery


having a robust backup strategy will help customers to minimize and manage the risk after a disaster

IT Asset Management


Use a systematic approach to track and document of IT Software, Hardware and Licensing.

Qualified Engineers


We have a team of highly skilled, experienced and certified engineers to assist you around the clock

Resource and Budget allocation


IT maintenance plan helps companies to estimate the future needs and minimize the financial risks.



IT Service Management is a process and a set of activities performed to design, plan, deliver, operate, control and improve IT services to end users.



  • • Reduce Cost in IT Operation
  • • Improve Effectiveness
  • • Risk-Free Implementation of IT Changes
  • • High Returns on IT Investment
  • • Improve visibility into Operations and Performance
  • • Reduced unnecessary workload by automation
  • • Better Transparency into IT Operations and Services
  • • Well-defined Roles and Responsibilities



  • • Merging ITSM, ITOM and IT automation
  • • AIOps leverages big data along with AI/ML
  • • predict service outrages
  • • automate root cause analysis
  • • automate and enhance Operation
  • • helps to face the growing challenges of IT
  • • AIOps is shaping how enterprises use ITSM

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IT Support?

Technical assistance given to organizations or individuals with problems related to IT.

What is IT Maintenance?

change or modification of a system to resolve faults, to improve performance, or to adopt the transformation of the environment.

What is IT Services?

IT Services refers to the application of business and technical expertise to enable organizations in the creation, management and optimization of or access to information and business processes.

Why IT Support for Business is important?

IT Support is import for the smooth functioning of your Business. IT professionals can provide break fixing, update antivirus to secure your environment, perform regular backup to secure your data, keep your systems up to date and help to decide on IT budget and provide recommendations.